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Oct 04 2007 -I have added some more reviews

Sept 08 2007- finally I have internet at home, so soon I will be updating the site and re-opening for any contribution that anybody wants to give in

Aug 14 2007- Sorry for getting you all excited ! I have written a short passage as to the purpose of this site that is accessable from the front page or from Here

Aug 12 2007- I have finally managed to sort out the files on the server so that the site can now be at least viewed for reference, because I have still to move within the next couple of days I will lose my internet connection for a short while, the site will remain on view but will during this time not be updated or changed, so I request that until I have full connection not to send any contributions or comments to the site.I still have a few new kits to upload if I get the chance, if not they will be the first priority after moving. Despite some thinking that I didn't pay for the last account which is why it got suspended, those that have been following will know that this was not the case and that it was a bit more complicated than that, suffice to say the site is still on the same server as before and the name change was the easiest way to change the account holder name. I don't really want to splash my private life all over the web explaining what happened, I have made a few references to it in the past besides,no matter what I say there will be those who will believe what they want anyway. It sometimes seems the people who moan the loudest are those that get something for free. I am not refering to anyone who has asked about the status of the site either before anyone gets paranoid, Anyway I digress, now that I will be having more time for the site, I might even re-vamp the whole site ! don't worry the format will not be changing and nothing will be lost or deleted from the site, but certain things might be added if I can get the software to work properly, more of that later after I have moved home.

Jun 02 2007- I have managed to get a bit of time on the PC

Jun 01 2007- This will be one of the last updates until after I have moved and set up home and have internet connection which at the moment I can't say when as I have no fixed date, but I do have to pack things away and models being one of them, I still have some contribution from others that I will put up but very few actual Previews,hopefully this will keep you going for a while !

April 09 2007- Finally after being able to fix my airbrush I have been able to finish the Cromwell Centurion Preview/Review.

Mar 11 2007- Most of tonights Updates have been done By Rob Haelterman who has been busy updating the lists

Taras Karabyn has brought to my attention a new resin Manufacturer called Armory, pictures can be found HERE

Jan 21 2007- Just a couple for tonight,

Jan 15 2007- Rob Haelterman has sent in a complete review of the Tracks and troops Sd.Kfz. 250/1 neuer Art.Also something that we have not had for a long time a gallery entry from Andy Bannister.

Jan 05 2007- I have updated the ACE Scorpion review

Jan 2007- First one of the New Year and may I wish all my visitors a Happy and Prosperous New year. I was toying with the idea of doing a review of the year in models, but when you get to my age all the years roll into one and I can't say for certain what has happened this year and when. Let us hope that 2007 brings us a good a crop of models as 2006 did.

You will notice that I have changed the front page of the web site and now shows the Cromwell logo with a link to their web site, this is because Cromwell provide kits for review, but have no other influence on the review or site, if any other manufacturer starts to support the site in the same way, then they will also receive a logo with link to their web site.

My first Resolution for the new year was to completely finish the T-72 article and I am nearly there so look out for it in the near future. My other resolution was to do more Reviews and not just previews, this is harder, because I buy most of my models with my own money, I feel it only fair that I build the kits the way I want, which means changing it in someway or other. On the other hand any donated kit will be built out of the box without change. That said I wish to add more reviews and have a lot nearly finished where reviews can be done, so they will be added in 2007.

New for this update are: -

Dec 2006 - a new preview/Review

Oct 2006 - Some new previews

Oct 2006- OOPs forgot to add the commentry to the Italeri IS-2 Preview, now added

Oct 2006- It's been a long while since the last update, the more astute of you might have noticed that there are some preview in the kitlists that are not listed here, this is because I have just loaded the pictures up, I will announce them here when I have written something to them.

July 2006- just some previews for today

22 July 2006- It has been a while but here is the latest update, the T-72 article will be a work in progress until completion but all the main details are there for you to backdate the Revell or ACE kits.

30 May 2006- Today I have recieved the first entry with the templates I supplied back, Many thanks to Francisco who executed this perfectly.

29 May 2006- I have altered the T-72 comparison article to include more information. It can be found here

27 May 2006- Another short one

26 May 2006 - a sort of ongoing thing !

20 May 2006-A quick one for tonight

03 May 2006- A good friend once told me that information was the death of modelling? I didn't get this until recently, I thought how can information be bad for modelling?? surely it must be a good thing?? Well here's how it works. You will notice that on the Dragon Stug IV's there is still no commentary to them, I also have reviews of the Dragon T-34's but as yet has held on to them, why? Information ! there is so much of it about, so many books telling us this is correct and that is wrong, then there are others saying that is correct and this is wrong! then there are the books that say something completely different all together! I have read that Dragons T-34 Model 42 hull is wrong ?and quoting a impressive list of references, but in the review I am writing I find it hard to say that the hull is wrong, why? I have a set of Russian drawings of 5 different hulls of which the Dragon hull is one! So does that mean that the drawings are wrong?? or the references quoted not comprehensive enough? and in between all this looking at references the amount of modelling being done is getting woefully less and less. With all this looking for references and time spent at work and my family life, I now know the meaning of my friends statement and find it sad that these days people are sometimes quick to criticize based on what they have read, written by someone who is only human and can make mistakes and miss information just like the rest of us mere mortals. What is the point of this ramble ?? I am not sure!, I suppose that it is OK to point things out that according to the references you have are wrong, but to condemn the kit is a bit much, unless you can prove comprehensively that it is wrong.The hard lesson I have learnt, is to never say never with anything Russian up to present day and up until modern times for the rest of the world, although working out the Chieftain mks and which are which comes a close Baffling second. The only other thing I have to say is that we should get back to enjoying this hobby of ours and do more modelling!, There will never be the perfect kit and it is always up to the individual as to what they want to make out of a kit.

The site has been updated but this is the first time that I have written what has been done, so if you have seen some of these before then I apologize.

30 January 2006-First of all I must apologise for anyone that has been trying to get hold of me, events have conspired against me, I thought that it had been a bit quiet !! the good news is I still have everything that has been sent, although it was in a different place than it should have been, so i will be doing an update with the new material shortly, for those that have asked me questions I will answer them as soon as possible.

01 January 2006- A happy new year to one and all and may your year be a good one. The first update of the year on the first day of the year, can't be bad ? just need to see if I can keep it up !. Cromwell have released their new 1/72nd kits in quick succession, lets hope that they carry on in the new year with new releases, hopefully we will see some vehicles that are not yet available in any medium !

30 November- Aside from these updates, Doug has also updated his Planet Models PZ IV J review. I will get round to updating the kit lists shortly as well as adding a new page for the newly released Cromwell Models 1/72nd resin kits, if anybody has any info on newly released kits our out of date lists, please let me know.

31 October- Just a quick one for tonight

29 October- Just a couple of new things for today

21 October- Never let your wife play with your computer they always manage to mess it up!! After having to reformat my pc I can now access the net again and carry on with the updates I was doing.

07 October- New reviews and pictures for today are: -

02 September- two new ones for today

22 August- Slowly but surely I am getting there, If you do come across any broken links then please let me know.I have finally changed Marko Mäkinens Renault FT-17 to the right place. I have also added Rob Haeltermans AB figures reviews. I have also updated the OKB accessory list.

15 August- Hopefully the whole front page is now populated and the links are working, although site-wide there are still links not working. I have added Stephen Brezinski's review of the Dragon Hornise to the page, I have also added a foot note to the Dragon M1 Preview.

18 July- The updates go on, dont be alarmed if you find that some of the previews don't have any text to them, I am uploading the pictures to the site first as it takes the longest, and adding the links during the upload saves on time. Once the site is officially opened the updates will be added as normal.

17 July- Although the site isn't officially opened yet, I have got the majority of the site up and running, it is now a matter of finding the 795 broken links and fixing them! I still have a few things to change and the updates to add. The delay has been with the way this server is laid out, completely different to the old on the way and my old armouredplastic web site were. Now I know where things are supposed to go, it will be a lot easier from now on.

16 July- Welcome back to the old and new "on the way" Old because I have not made a lot of changes to the site, I know that the site now belongs to me, but I don't feel the need to make great sweeping changes just to prove the fact, beside I don't really feel like it is mine, Doug designed it and made it what it is, I am just carrying on his good work.

I have removed the site supporters page, like Doug I pay for the up keep of this site out of my own pocket, the upside of this is that any reviews will be totally unbiased, based on what I think of the model, and I stress that it is my opinion only and not gospel. reviews will be based on accuracy of a kit first and foremost as personally I think that it is the most important factor, then will come ease of build and fit of parts etc in no particular order, although I do realize that these things are important for other people.

Something else that I have found in the archives of the site is the book review page, I am thinking of starting it up again. I think that books are important but it is knowing which ones to get and which contain the information or drawings that you need for your project. With that in mind I will only be reviewing books that contain information on vehicles and I have plenty of my own to be starting with.

So welcome back, I hope that I can live up to expectations and that the site remains the great site that it was.

31 May - [Doug] Welcome to my last update as webmaster of this site. I tried to make it a big one. I have prepared a Farewell Statement, for those of you who may be interested. I will still be able to be reached at doug(at)ontheway.us for personal discussions, but from this point on, all website-related correspondence should be directed to Simon. Please refer to the Contact Information page for the proper email addresses for site submissions.

At this time, I have emptied my in-box of all remaining contributed material. A small number of them I have forwarded on to Simon, but most of them are posted below. If you had sent something to the site and it was never posted, it may have been lost in my email fiasco last week. Please contact Simon to find out if you need to resubmit it.

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