German Tank Riders Set 1

Kit # 72002

Preview by Rob Haelterman - heman_148(at)


1. Packaging:

Side-opening cardboard box

2. Type of kit:

Multi-piece resin figures, 1/72

3. Quality:

Sculpting and detail is very nice. There is some flash, but not too bad. Unfortunately a minor number of air bubbles can be found, in my sample relatively easy to correct.

The poses are very nice

4. Instruction sheet and decals:


5. Contents:

All 4 figures are wearing the M1942 padded reversible winter tunic. These were mostly white on one side and grey on the other, though the latter was sometimes replaced with one of the Zeltbahn “splinter” or “marsh” type of camo patterns.

Armament in this set is

•  4 Kar98k

All 4 figures are sitting and wear the steel helmet.

Some parts are separate (see pictures).


6. Conclusion :

The quality is very high, but so is the retail price. I have mixed feelings about my purchase of 4 sets (and my wife even more so ;-) )

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Article Last Updated: 14 April 2009