Challenger 2 Comparison pt2 by Simon Barnes

In the Second Comparison I will go between all of the Available Challenger 2 models, this includes the forces of Valour Challenger which although not a model I had hoped that it had some redeeming features

The hulls from left to right is a modified Dragon hull, done to the old way of just shortening the engine deck, the Forces of Valour hull, Trumpeters and lastly Dragons.

A direct comparison between the Dragon hulls, firstly the shortened engine deck and an unmodified one next is the shortened with how it should have been done.

In these two pictures are the Trumpeter with the modified Dragon and the Forces of Valour

The modified Dragon from underneath showing where it has been cut and plastic added

A line up of turrets viewed from the top, Forces of valour, corrected Dragon, kit Dragon and Trumpeter

And from the side

A direct comparison between the Trumpeter and the corrected Dragon, here it can be seen how the Trumpeter roof is too low

A comparison of the gun sights, firstly the corrected turret and the Dragon kit, here can be seen how the corrected turret has had the main sight housing changed and shortened along with changes to the turret roof to the right of the sight. Next the Dragon and Trumpeter

Finally the Forces of Valour and the Corrected turret sights.

As can be seen there is no one model that is correct, with Trumpeter looking the best from the top, at least all the details are correct and in the right place, just a shame that it is squashed with the roof sitting too low which puts the front and the rear out.


Challenger 1&2 Concord mini colour by Walter Boehm and Peter Siebert

Challenger Squadron Europa Militaria by Simon Dunston

Challenger 2 Article Tankette 32/6 and 35/6 by A. Crutchley

Various Challenger 2 article that have appeared in Military Modelling over the years

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