Sd.Kfz. 222 Interior

Kit 7266 Preview by Rob Haelterman

1. Packaging:

Sturdy top opening cardboard box

2. Type of kit:

Resin update kit.

3. Quality:

The resin detail set from Goffy consists mainly of two hull halves that are clearly based on those of ICM but to which an abundant amount of interior detail has been added. It is even more complete than the Mars kit, and the only thing I could find to add was the fuel tank in the rear of the crew compartment.

The gun mount has been corrected, but the gun itself still lacks some items, like the bags for the spent cartridges.

Apart from those pieces you get a better spare wheel, some jerry-cans and a tarp that fits over the engine compartment (you are supposed to leave the box off).

All parts are very nicely cast with very crisp detail and only one air bubble found in a harmless place.

The turret itself is the ICM part, but you might want to lower the height of the ring, because it would blank off a large part of the interior.

The major disadvantage of this kit is the VERY flexible resin used. This makes sanding some parts very difficult, as you can easily twist and bend all the parts. You might want to consider assembling as much of the structure as soon as possible to give it some extra rigidity.


For the finished product, see here.


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Article Last Updated: 26 January 2007