M4 Firefly
Review by Simon Barnes HäT Kit No. 99017

One of the newer releases from Hat, it is basically the M4 sherman hull with the extra parts for a Firefly. The gun barrel is moulded perfectly straight and although the muzzle brake is not quite the right shape I wish that other manufacturers could do them as well, the sprue contains the turret with the square loaders hatch, which is supplied seperate.

I can really only find two faults with the kit 1, the side skirts, whilst they may have been fitted at some time I for the life of me can't find a picture of the fitted to any firefly. 2, the transmission housing, the kit has the cast transmission housing, this is another feature I can not find any reference to on a firefly other than the composite hull variant, all my references show a three piece bolted transmission. Still my references are by no means exhaustive, so that you never know !!


Since writing this preview I have come across a picture of a Firefly with the cast Transmission cover, It was in Canadian service and still had part of the sand shields fitted. So the Hat kirt is not that wrong. Just one more thing that I should point out, is that Canadian fireflys' also used the standard M4 turret with the oval loaders hatch as well. When I find the book again where I saw the picture I will post it here.

The kit is brilliant for what it is, a wargame model, shame that it wasn't released a little earlier with the release of the Dragon firefly, this one will be consigned to the wargamer who want a quick easy to build vehicles and lots of them, which is a shame.

These kit a brilliant for those wanting to test their conversion and scratch building skills or even for those who want to attempt their first try at a conversion.



Since I did the review of the firefly, stating that I couldn't find any with the Sand shields or the cast transmission housing, I have since found a picture of a Canadian Firefly with what seem like part of the Sand shields still attached and a Cast Transmission. However I must Point out that ome Canadian firefly's also had the oval loaders hatch and not the Square one of the British Conversion, whether this is one of those I don't know.

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