M-20 Utility
Kit # 7038 Review by Simon Barnes

The Second release from Italeri using the Greyhound chassis, although I doubt whether we will see any other variants, and I now realise that I never reviewed the Greyhound, oh well as it is half built I will have to review it instead. This is the utility version of the M8 greyhound armoured car, it replaces the gun turret with a simple ring mount for a 0.5 cal MG

The M20 and the M8 share the same main sprue for the hull and suspension, also included is a wargaming version of the suspension, very simplified but more robust for moving about, it comprises of just the wheels. The model version includes a fully detailed suspension complete with springs, shocks and drive shafts. A rudimentary interior is supplied, it is adequate but can be improved on, a steering wheel and dash board are included for the driver but the drivers hatches are moulded shut.

The other sprue has the superstructure for the M20 version plus the gun ring mount, it also has the sponson side bins sometimes mounted on this and the M8. Missing from the kit but included in the M8 kit are the skirts mounted over the wheels, references show that these were sometimes fitted to the M20, just as the M8 is sometimes seen without them. I suppose that if you buy both kits together you can always swap and change between them. Also included are rolls and baggage for mounting around the vehicle.

Decals are provided for 3 vehicles, they seem fairly comprehensive and are thin and in register, although I am not sure about mounting the multi part rear Star on the engine deck, but then I am just a coward at heart.

I can understand why Italeri have included the wargaming option for the wheels, having part built the M8 the suspension wouldn't last very long if it was being moved around all the time and something more robust was needed and it is nice that Italeri include this option. The kit scales out well to the plans that I have and is correct in its details although the wheels could be better and a set for the greyhound from calibre 72 will also fit the M20.


  • US armoured Cars in Action Squadron/Signal No 37
  • M8 Greyhound Light Armoured Car Osprey New Vanguard NV53


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Article Last Updated: 14 Oct 2006