M60A1 with ERA
Review by Simon Barnes Kit # 03168

Well we didn't have to wait too long for the next M60 release, this time it is the A1 version with the ERA armour array, this is the same as the base M60A3 kit with all the same mistakes, which are thankfully not that many and is concerned mainly with the tracks or rather the guide horns, they are in the wrong place ! depicted on the kit as being in the centre of the track instead of being part of the centre track connector as they should be. Still nothing that can not be fixed with a little work.

The main sprues are the same as the M60A3 kit already reviewed.

The extra sprue contains the parts for the A1 version and the ERA array, these include a new gun barrel without the thermal jacket of the A3, again this comes in 2 halves, which creates a seam that needs to be removed afterwards, the sprue also includes a new sight housing for the turret roof as well as a new housing for the stereoscopic sight mounted each side of the turret. The ERA array comes in blocks, but lacks any par of the mounting frame used, this is not so bad as for the most they are hidden anyway, but some of the turret ERA it would be visable from certain angles and the purists amongst you might want to add this detail.

Markings are provided for 4 vehicles 2 US, 1 Italian and 1 Austrian


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  • Jane's Tank and Combat Vehicles Recognition Guide, 5th ed., by C.F. Foss
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