Details 72 German 2.5 ton GS Trailer
Review by Thomas Braden - thomas_braden(at)hotmail(dot)com Kit #: DET

Trailers are the notorious stepchildren of technical historians, though there seems to be no army that didn't use lots of them in their transport columns,the Wehrmacht including. This "light" trailer is likely to have been amply used by the rear (as opposed to combat) supply organisations, probably often commandeered as the design has a distinctive 'civilian' look to my eyes.


Master Maker Alexandru Giersch of Bucharest, Romania expands his own line of kits sold under the Details72 label with this neat little kit of an often neglected piece of equipment.Casting quality is excellent, as is the parts fit. The only - minor - flaw I have been able to find is in the tires; Alexandru has laboured to provide them with a very realistic tread pattern which has unfortunately not been reproduced by the caster as perfectly as in other kits of his making (such as the BA-20) though still well enough.

This sweet little kit should fall together in less than one hour, with most of the time spent in painting the parts. It can certainly be used also in civilian (pre- or postwar) settings as I myself remember seeing very similar trailers on German roads as a kid in the early 1960s. Way to go, Alex!

Thank You to Alexandru Giersch for providing the review kit.

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Date: 08 August 2008