Strv103 c MBT
By Simon Barnes Kit #07220

The first of Trumpeters stand alone Modern vehicles, again it is an unusual but very welcome from my point of view, choice.

The hull is moulded in the usual trumpeter style of top and bottom, being fully detailed. However in difference to the JGSDF tanks, the suspension arms are moulded seperately, giving the builder the choice of how to position the wheels, through the full range of suspension movement on this unique vehicle, bearing in mind that elevation and depression of the main gun was achieved through suspension movement.

Sprue A contains the road wheels and suspension arms for each side of the vehicle, there are two of these sprues in the kit. It also contains some of the many periscopes and the frontal Bar armour seen on many of these tanks.One thing to be wary of is that the suspension arms don't have any positive location, so care has to be taken when aligning them.

Sprue B contains the parts for the wading equipment, the S-tank is capable of wading through the erection of a screen fitted around the hull. The sprue also contains the armoured side skirts and the rear and front stowage panniers.The front two used to house Machine guns, I am not sure if they still do or are now being used for storage.

Sprue C contains various hull fittings and main gun, plus the optional exhaust.

Sprue D contains the cupola and the forward dozer blade, used for self entrenching

Trumpeter have continued the trend of using the same vinyl tracks as on the other modern MBT's, these again are highly detailed and fit well around the wheels.

Decals are provided for one vehicle, which is obviously from Sweden.

The kit scales out at 1/72nd scale according to my references. Again this is another very detailed and welcome release from Trumpeter, and one that I have been waiting for someone to release, but never thought anyone would. The kit has a lot of small parts which is why it is so detailed, not that I am complaining, but it does make this kit not one for the faint hearted.


Jane's Armour and Artillery 1990-91 11th Edition by Christopher F Foss

Jane's Tanks and Combat Vehicles Recognition guide Second Edition by Christopher F Foss

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