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Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
01101 Zil-157 Soviet Army Truck Not a re-release of the ICM kit, but rather an improved version of it. Not Revell quality, but it's still a pretty decent kit. Preview    
01102 Zil-157 Soviet Fuel Truck Same basic body as the above kit, but with a fuel tank on the cargo bed.      
01103 JieFang CA-30 Chinese Army Truck Same kit as Zil-157 Soviet Army truck, but with a new cab (different front grill).      
01104 JieFang CA-30 Chinese Fuel Truck Same kit as Zil-157 Soviet Fuel truck, but with a new cab (different front grill).      
07101 Warrior MCV        
07102 MCV80 Warrior up-armored        


Merkava MK.III        
07105 Challenger I (Desert Version)   Preview    
07106 Challenger I (NATO version)        
07108 Pz.Sfl.IVa "Dicker Max"   Preview
07109 Russian SAM-6 anti-aircraft missile system        
07110 Voroshilovets        
07111 Russian ChTZ S-65 Tractor with Cab        
07112 Russian ChTZ S-65 Tractor   Preview    
07121 E-100   Preview    
07122 Jagdpanzer E-100        
07123 E-50        
07127 KV-85
07128 KV-122
07131 M1117 Guardian        
07136 JS-7   Preview    
07137 BTR-70 early        
07138 BTR-70 late        
07143 JS-4        
07144 T-801B        
07145 T-80V
07146 T-62 Model 1962   Preview    
07147 T-62 Model 1972
07150 T-28 (welded)        
07160 Sd.Kfz.182 King Tiger (Henschel Turret) 10,5cm kwk L/65        
07161 KV-2 107mm Zis-6        
07163 JS-3 with 122mm BL-9 gun        
72169 M4A1 Sherman 105mm L51
"WOT" version    
07201 King Tiger Henschel Turret        
07202 King Tiger Porsche Turret        
07203 Famo Sd.Kfz.9/18 ton halftrack Early version. More detailed than the Revell kit but over engineered in places. Preview    
07204 Sd.Kfz.184 Elephant Absolutely outstanding model. Best Elephant on the market. Preview Al Magnus  
07205 Sd.Kfz.184 Ferdinand Absolutely outstanding model. Best Ferdinand on the market. Preview    
07206 T-34/76 Model 1942 The markings are not accurate compared to the real vehicle as discussed here.- Timothy Lau Preview    
07207 T-34/85 1944        
07208 T-34/76 Model 1943        
07209 T-34/85 1944        
07210 12.8cm Sf Sturer Emil The builder may find it helpful to see my documentation and notes about the two prototypes of the actual vehicles here.- Timothy Lau      
07211 Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär "mid production"        
07212 Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär "late production"        
07213 LCM-3 D-Day Landing craft     Al Magnus  
07214 Challenger 2   Preview   Simon Barnes
07215 Challenger 2 Iraq   Preview   Simon Barnes
07216 Challenger 2 KFOR   Preview   Simon Barnes
07217 JGSDF Type 61 MBT Same kit as Pit-Road. Preview    
07218 JGSDF Type 74 MBT Same kit as Pit-Road. Preview    
07219 JGSDF Type 90 MBT Same kit as Pit-Road. Preview    
07220 Strv 103C S-Tank A very nice model of this unusual tank.

From Derek Huggett: Some recent releases of kit #07220 contain a revised simplified moulding (similar to that referred to in kit #07298 below). Although the mouldings and instructions make reference to #07220, and the packaging (now erroneously) still makes reference to 'Sprue: 5 pcs' and 'Parts: 153 pcs', this is not the version that originally appeared in the Preview of this kit. Kit #07220 is now down to 4 sprues and less than 70 pieces. This information does not appear to have been made widely known by Trumpeter-China or its distributors.
07221 AS 90 Nice kit with a few minor flaws. Preview    
07222 M4A1(76)W Sherman Tank  

07223 M4 Mid-Production Sherman Tank Mediocre kit with the front plate at the wrong angle making the hull dimensions completely wrong. Danilo Carli  
07224 M4A3 Sherman  


07225 M4A3E8 T66 Track The first E8 version with track for WWII and correct sized suspension; far better than the out of scale Hasegawa kit. Preview Stephen Brezinski  
07226 M4A3 (76) Sherman    
07227 Russian IS-3 Tank Nicely detailed kit with two sets of tracks. Preview    
07228 Russian IS-3M Tank Nicely detailed kit with two sets of tracks. Preview Michael Johnson  
07229 M4A3E8 Korean war Mediocre. Decent suspension, but poor tracks. Preview    
07230 KV-1E s Ehkranami   Preview    
07231 KV-1 1942 w/cast turret        
07232 KV-1A 1941     Neil Lyall Stephen Brezinski
07233 KV-1C 1942        
07234 KV-1 1942 w/simplified turret        
07235 KV-2 late        
07236 KV-2 early        
07237 M113 ACAV        
07238 M113        
07239 M113A2        
07240 M113A3   Preview    
07241 Jagdpanther Mid type       Rob Haelterman & Rob Pye
07242 Tiger I "early production"        
07243 Tiger I "mid production"        
07244 Tiger I "late production"        
07247 Sturmtiger "late Ausführung"        
07248 Strv 103B Swedish MBT.      
07249 German Tank Transporter Sd.Ah.116   Preview    
07250 Italian C 1 Ariete   Preview    
07251 Sd.Kfz.9/1 with Bilstein Crane Drehkran 6ton Zugkraftwagon With the late style mudguards shown on the box art. Preview    
07252 Sd.Kfz. 9 "späte Ausführung / Typ F3"        
07253 Sd.Kfz.9/1 with Bilstein Crane Drehkran 6ton Zugkraftwagon With the early style mudguards shown on the boxart, but is the same kit as #7251. Preview    
07254 Jagdtiger Sd.Kfz. 186 "Henschel" Reportedly suffering from bad fit at the nose; detail for spare tracks on wrong side; decals not always in perfect register and not explained in instructions.      
07255 Stryker ICV Light Armored Vehicle   Preview    
07256 Stug III B      

Stephen Brezinski

07257 Stug III C/D

Early releases contained a spare Ausf.E superstructure which seems to have been deleted in newer releases - Mikko Rantonen
As there are some errors with the kit, it could previously only be accurately built as an Ausf. E using the spare hull. Now that this hull has been deleted, this is no longer a possibility. - Rob Haelterman
The instructions tell the builder to include the spare wheels. Those parts may need to be shaved off. The painting instructions clearly do not have the spare wheels. Some vehicles do have the spare wheels, but most do not appear to. - Timothy Lau


Stephen Brezinski

07258 Stug III E The opening for the periscope on the roof of the hull doesn't look accurate. It seems to be corrected in the Ausf.C/D kit. - Timothy Lau    

Stephen Brezinski

07259 Stug III F        
07260 Stug III G The decals are clearly flawed. The original vehicle with all the kill marks is a initial StuG III Ausf. G. There is no way to make the initial StuG without some serious surgery. - Timothy Lau      
07261 Stug IV        
07262 German Jagdpanzer IV   Preview    
07263 Char B1 bis Early releases of this kit had the driver's hatch positioned upside down. This has been rectified in later kits, but apparently this cannot be seen on the box, so you will have to check the actual contents of the kit to know if you have an early or a late kit. Preview Al Magnus
Andy Bannister
07264 M26 (T26E3) Pershing        
07265 KV-1 756(r) "Beute" version in German service        
07266 KV-2 754(r) "Beute" version in German service        
07267 BTR-80 MCV        
07268 LAV 25 US Marine Corps        
07269 LAV-R US Marine Corps     Christopher Benjamin  
07270 LAV-C2 US Marine Corps        
07271 LAV-AT US Marine Corps        
07272 Jagdpanther "late production"       Rob Haelterman & Rob Pye
07273 Jagdtiger "Porsche" Engine deck grilles upside down (good detail on bottom of engine deck; bad detail on top); vinyl tracks for 18 tooth sprocket, but reportedly too short, plastic track (including spare tracks) for 9 tooth sprocket.      
07274 Sturmtiger "early Ausführung"        
07275 German Sd.Kfz.9 (18t) Half-track & Sd.Ah.116 Trailer Same trailer as #7249 combined with Trumpeter's outstanding FAMO kit (#7203). Preview    
07276 M1A1 Abrams MBT        
07277 M1A1 Abrams MBT w/mine plow        
07278 M1A1 Abrams MBT w/mine roller        
07279 M1A2 Abrams MBT        
07280 M1 Panther II Mine Clearing Tank        
07281 T-54B MBT Generally a good kit with adequate accuracy, though missing several details. Preview    
07282 T-55 Model 1958 MBT Generally a good kit with adequate accuracy, though missing several details. Preview    
07283 T-55 with KMT-5        
07284 T-55 with BTU-55     Christopher Benjamin  
07285 CHN T-59 TANK        
07286 T26A1 Pershing Heavy Tank        
07287 T26E4 Pershing Heavy Tank        
07288 M46 Patton Medium Tank        
07291 King Tiger (Henschel) with Zimmerit        
07292 German King Tiger (P) with Zimmerit        
07293 German Sd.Kfz.186 JagdTiger (Henschel production) with Zimmerit        
07294 German Sd.Kfz. 186 JagdTiger (Porsche production) with Zimmerit        
07295 M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle        
07296 M2A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle        
07297 M2A2 ODS/ODS-E Bradley Fighting Vehicle        
07298 Strv 103C Simplified version of kit #7220.      
07299 M26E2 Pershing Heavy Tank        
07302 USMC Landing Craft Air Cushion        
07301 JMSDF LCAC Landing Craft        

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