Famo Sd.Kfz 9 Halftrack
Early Version

Kit #07203 Review by Elliott Winthrop marder38(at)xtra(dot)co(dot)nz
The second model after the Ferdinand & Elefant kits, Trumpeter brought out the Famo. The later Famo kits have been revised & have a much simpler chassis construction. We will just look at the build of the more complicated early version here. 

The other main difference is the first version only has the earlier and larger mudguards.

The suspension is spread out over three different sprues with the main chassis frame on sprue A.

The rear axial beams on sprue B & C, with the wheel swing arms on sprue B.

On the newer versions all this is moulded as one piece.

But the advantage of this earlier type is the chassis also has locator holes on the outer sides too, for independent wheel axles so you can articulate the suspension to look like the tracks are moving over uneven ground, but the arm movement is very limited so the height extension is quite small. 

Warning: Some earlier instructions may mislead the builder with the triangular part on the front axle, there are 2 pips & notches to line up by the front brakes.

Lastly there is just one choice of track:

As the 2-piece Link tracks are moulded in black plastic and all individual links (they do not have pre-mould lengths of track to help you), it is a very monotonous to build especially as once you have cleaned up & glued the links you have to start again with adding all the rubber pads to each link. 

The one saving grace is there is a plastic rail bracket/rig also supplied to help you line up your tracks before adding them to your wheels & sprockets.

See the Later Version Famo for sprues of the upper half of the kit. (Both kits are the same).

A good Reference book on the Famo is Nuts & Bolts Volume 12 (see review below).


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Article Last Updated: 1 January 2008