By Simon Barnes Kit #07230

Shortly after the release of the Italeri/Esci KV 1 Trumpeter release onto the market their KV-1 series encompassing the Italeri version as well but also other versions not released by Italeri and until now only done by PST. So how good are the Trumpeter releases, well the first bad news is that they now have the standard Vinyl tracks which although trumpeter claim that they are glueable with normal cement, I have not so far found any that will stick them and with an open track like the KV some other glue will have to be found as any other method will show. Some good news though, against the flow of their recent releases the KV does come with open hatches for the driver and commander.



  • Russian Tanks of WW II by Tim Bean and Will Flower
  • IS-2 Heavy tank 1943-73 by Stephen Zaloga Osprey New Vanguard (note 1)
  • Tank IS By ? Russian Print book
  • Soviet Postwar tanks - Bronekollekchiy
  • IS-3 Russian Motor Books
  • Soviet/Russian Armour and artillery design practices 1945 to present - Hull,Markov and Zaloga


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