Char B1bis

Kit # 7263

Review based on info supplied by Miro Baric - baricz(at)
and inputs by
Etienne Tardivel
Edited by Rob Haelterman

This review is a compilation from a post on the Missing Lynx Braille scale forum
and emails from Miro Baric.


Optional parts are provided for track fenders (early and late).
There are also two options for exhausts (early and late).
Tracks are made from black rubber.



This kit has two problems related to the driver´s position.
The first one is related to the driver's visor. I think that it is simplified and badly engineered, especially when you compare it with pictures of the original vehicle. (Even the old 1/76 Matchbox has this feature correct.) Repairing this mistake should be simple: just sand down the visor and make a new one from thick plastic sheet.

The second problem is the hatch over the driver's head. On Trumpeter's kit there is a recessed object with something that seems to be a handle. But this handle should be on the inside. On the inside of Trumpeter's kit there is something that looks like actual hatch. Apparently Trumpeter's kit designers put the hatch on the wrong side.


Dmitriy Sidorenko informs us that in later versions of this kit, the issue with the driver's hatch has been fixed.



A friend of mine started to build this kit, and he told me that fit is excellent. There are only few problematic places: you must take care when fitting the hull gun with its armored shield and the braces in front of it. Also, the tracks are a little bit longer than necessary, but this is much better than if they were shorter, isn´t it?

Also note that the hull is already provided as one piece (upper part + sides) made with slide molds.



There are two marking options:

1. Tank No. 257 Bourrasque from 15eme BCC
2. Tank No. 481 Vercingetorix from 46eme BCC




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Article Last Updated:
23 February 2009
06 March 2013