M4A3 75mm
By Simon Barnes Kit #07224

The Third Sherman from Trumpeter, this time it is the M4A3 75mm tank, the same as the Hat tank. Not as refined as the Dragon Shermans and over simplified in places, they are however cheaper and a good source of spare parts, not that they won't make good kit by themselves with just a few simple modifications, most of which are going spare in the Dragon kits.

The kit has oddly solid road wheels for the easy suspension but the kit has the option of using normal road wheels in the kit.

The Lower hull, the transmission housing is an integral part of the lower hull and can cause fit problem between the upper hull and top of the transmission housing so care needs to be taken when fixing the two together

The upper hull and rear plate, the hull hatches are moulded shut and the tools are moulded in situ, a small amount of stowage is supplied which is a bit crude in places.

The turret is the standard 75mm turret with oval loaders hatch, both hatches can be made to be open, the sprue also includes a 0.50 cal and a 0.30 cal MG's which whilst lacking the finesse of the Dragon guns are passable, the only problem is that the .30 cal has the Ammo box on the wrong way, the kit has it laying Horizontal instead of standing Vertical ?

The suspension showing the solid and normal road wheels and option of idlers and sprockets.

The easy suspension, as can be seen this is just the solid wheel type.

The tracks are the steel cleat type missing the bolt detail of the Dragon tracks.

As usual Trumpeter have provided plenty of decals, but the Instructions have only one scheme "Classy Peg" the decals are fine and in register although they are just mainly white.

The Trumpeter kit are not as refined as the Dragon kits, but can with a bit of work be bought up to scratch, the advantage of these kits are the easy assembly and cheaper price for those wanting more than one or two of a certain type. The kit measures out well to 1/72 with all the angles seeming to be correct.


M4 Sherman in Action Squadron/Signal Armour No 16

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