Soviet A-19 122mm Howitzer
Review by Simon Barnes Kit # 72228

After seeing all the German Gun releases from ACE I naturally had to wait until they released a Russian gun before trying them, although I wish I hadn't waited!

This is the A-19 and for a 122mm it is a fairly hefty piece of kit compared to the 152mm gum from PST. Moulded in ACE's white plastic the kit comes in 5 sprues, although only 4 are shown, the middle sprue comes twice.

The barrel is on a separate sprue, this makes sense as the same carriage is used for the soon to be released ML-20 152mm howitzer, also supplied on the sprue are 5 shells and cases, the barrel in my kit is perfectly round making it an early production, unfortunately short run moulds begin to wear quickly and this then causes problems with the barrels no longer being round, as I found with some of the other guns.

The other 4 sprues contain parts for the carriage and towing trolley, two pairs of pistons are supplied one for the raised position and one for the lowered, one thing does puzzle me about the piston, in that the reference pictures show them to be covered by a thin metal sheet, which is not supplied in the kit or mentioned in the Instructions, whether this is a later modification I am not sure, I am having a hard time finding wartime pictures of the gun, the one picture on the ACE web site shows them in place. This is not a major problem as they can be made, but I think that a mention should have been included in the Instructions. The trailer legs are very nicely detailed and has all the usual fittings found on guns. The breech is nicely detailed with the breech being able to be modeled open or closed giving some good diorama options.

All in all it is a nice little kit nicely detailed and well thought out, the only problem I have with it is finding references for it !


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