s.10cm k18 - 10cm Schwere Kanone 18 -
Review by Simon Barnes Kit # 72219

My Third purchase of an ACE gun and I am sorry to say my most disappointing, it is my own fault as I should have bought it when it first appeared. The gun and trails are very nicely done and the break down is good, the only problem is the age of the moulds, Mine must be a fairly late run kit as there are a lot of seams that need to be cleaned, for he most this is not a problem as the clean up can be done fairly swiftly, the problem only really occurs with the barrel where the seams have caused the barrel to be no longer round but more oval in shapeand the problem is trying to get the barrel round again.

The gun and carriage is highly detailed having a separate breach block, again this area requires careful cleaning to get a good fit, the barrel and breach, along with the towing trolly are on seperate sprues because as with the Soviet A-19 the carriage is also used by the heavier s FH -18 15cm gun as fitted in the Hummel. There is some good detail on the parts and all bits like ranging sticks are included to fit on the legs. The two large spades come in two part and mine needed careful cleaning to get them to fit together properly

All in All a nice kit if you can get an early production run, the only real problem with later procuction runs is the barrel and associated pieces.

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