T-34/76 Mod.1942 German Army
Review by Simon barnes Kit No. 7268

Yet another T-34 from Dragon although funnily not a lot has been said about this one on various forums, probably because nobody could find anything to moan at. The kit uses the same hull and turret as the 42 version. Following the comments about the 42 hull dragon have corrected the hull in this model to a more common version. The kit is basically the Model 42 with added parts for German use, in fact 4 different vehicles can be built, shame that they don't supply 4 hulls to do it with, in fact only 4 options are given in the instructions but other versions can be built from the parts as will be shown

The kit uses the lower hull supplied in all the T-34 kits. The kit is essentially the T34 model 42 with hexagonal turret with the exception that the hull has been modified to a more common version.

The kit is broken down exactly as in the T-34 model 42

As with the 42 version two turret roofs are supplied, I am still perplexed by the rood on sprue D I have still not found and 42 version with the sights mounted on the RHS

Now we come to the best bit, Sprue K contains all the part required for the German versions, in fact it also contains parts to make a Model 41 Beute panzer

Included on the sprue are the bins used on the 42/43 model including the jerrycan frame the side bin for the 41 version, a new hatch for the 41 model as well as a PzIII cupola with the option of open or closed hatches. Also included are the notek lights Jack and frame with tools.

Contary to what has been said in various reviews in Magazines 4 different road wheel types are provided mainly the all steel and dished, also included are 4 early pattern webbed wheel and 2 late pattern webbed wheels. The wheels althoguh beautifully moulded have one big shortfall, the hole are all closed making for a lot of up. I still ca not understand why Dragon can not do open holes, I can see no logical reason even using slide moulds as to why they are not open?? oh well back to drilling.

The tracks are the same and of the correct pattern

The usual metal tow rope

the PE is a fairly comprehensive set providing the side skirts and one of the stowage boxes in brass, also included is a new fan /radiator cover this time with bolt detail, the louvres for under this are also provided and can be positioned. The PE set also includes all the engine deck intakes, handles for the stowage boxes, details for aroung the tow hooks and a new Notek mounting plate, this set is better than some of the aftermarket sets you can buy.

If like me you have the Armo barrels lying round, with a slight modification to the turret mounting they fit perfectly and enhance an already good kit.

Markings are provided for 4 vehicles in german service each vehicle is shown in the instructions as a different option and a small table is provided to show what fits on which version.

This must be the most complete T-34 kit in this scale, in fact I know it is, the options provided supplies lots of parts for the spares box. Nice to see that Dragon have changed the hull for the more common type, although people will still moan about the DS tracks (which can always be replaced with the UM ones which I find the best Plastic tracks) and although these kit (here in the UK at least) are slightly more expensive than others, add the cost of buying a kit and a set of PE together and they work out very cost effective.


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