SP15cm SIG 33/1 (Sd.Kfz 138/1) Ausf.M Bison
Kit No. 346 Review by Simon Barnes

UM's kitlist keeps growing at an alarming rate (alarming in the sense it costs an arm and a leg to try and keep up with it all) However this one and the Marder III M which I am sure will be soon are two that I have wanted but have so far resisted the temptation to buy the Attack kits.Keeping with UM's policy of releasing every vehicle based on the Pz Kfw 38 (t) chassis comes the Sd Kfz 138/1 M Bison

This along with the Sd Kfz 140 AA are the first of the front engined vehicles based on the Pz Kfw 38 (t) chassis (Well mid mounted at least) the kit uses the same wheels and tracks as the 38(t) kits

The first sprue contains the basic hull for this type, the second sprue contains the superstructure and the third the gun and mount. All parts are nicely detailed although unfortunately the driver's position is moulded closed. As with the other UM Pz 38 kits the hulls are broken down with all common parts on one sprue and then by adding extra sprues for the different versions. A nice inclusion are the 10 shells supplied.

The wheels and tracks are the same as used in all the other kits with the exception of the Hetzers which have totally new wheels. The link and length tracks are the best I have ever seen and fit perfectly around the sprockets and idlers with no gaps.

The PE fret is well done if thicker than normal PE frets, however the parts are on the fret by merit and not as gimmicks, meaning that PE was the best medium for these parts

A comprehensive decal sheet is included although only two vehicles are covered in the instructions, the decals are nicely printed thin and in register

All in all a very nicely detailed kit, although it has some small and fiddley parts they fit together fairly easily, the kit scales out well to the references I have.


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Last Modified: 31 May 2005