Tank Hunter Hetzer (early version)
Kit No. 352 Review by Simon Barnes

UM have released the Hetzer, although I now believe that all 3 variants are available, early, late and Flamm. Stephen Brezinski has already done a comparison article Here. Although the Hetzer was based on the Pz 38(t) chassis it was actually widened. the flat hull sides were sloped outwards, This is where the Attack and Esci kits fall down, hence they end up being too narrow, the UM kit is the correct width, all parts are included in the kit for all 3 versions with only the decals and instructions changing

The UM kit does have one major fault along the sides, the place where the hull starts to narrow towards the rear should be level with where the roof starts to slope down for the engine deck, on the kit however it is set further back, it is actually not that hard to correct, but it shouldn't be there in the first place, the other mistake is that the panel lines on the engine deck are raised !! maybe UM were having a "retro" moment.

Ed. Note: it seems that recently (2012) UM has addressed the issue of the raised panel lines:

Many thanks to Piotr Pyrczak for bringing this to our attention.

I decided to correct my Hetzer after I had part built it.

The parts for the different variants are included on the same sprue, early and late engine decks, the two different mantlets the Flammtopf for the late exhaust

A new sprue for the Tracks and wheels is included in the kit containing both the early and late style idler, the tracks are the same as in the other kits and fit together perfectly with plenty to spare.
Ed. Note: while the late idler is included, we only get the late, 16 bolt roadwheels.

The PE fret includes the side skirts , tool box, Exhaust shield,MG shield and the fender braces, althought the fender braces are a little thick and difficult to bend the other parts are better for the thicker metal used.

A comprehensive decal sheet is included, I have altered the contrast here so the white show up better ? the decals are thin and in register.

The Hetzer kit scales out to the dimensions and drawing I have, it is a great kit with the exception of the sides and the engine decks, these can be fixed without too much trouble, but it is unusual for UM to have to do this.


  • Jagdpanzer 38"Hetzer" Osprey New Vanguard NV 36
  • PzKpfw 38 (t) in Action Squadron/Signal no 19
  • Pz 38 (t) pt 4 Tornado books
  • Hetzer JgdPz 38 and G-13 Waffen Arsenal
  • Hetzer "Kombat No2"


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