Kit # 72126 Review by Simon Barnes 

Possibly one of the smallest kits released by ACE but one of the ones that I have long waited for, The Russian ZU-23 AA gun is a doubled barrel 23mm gun, the same gun as mounted on the ZSU-23-4 with the distinctive round flash suppressors, Used all over the world and often seen in the news, this gun has been used in most conflicts around the world and not only in the AA role with it being an effective ground attack weapon as well, it can be mounted on a large variety of vehicles from APC's to trucks and 4X4's

The kit comes on two sprues and can be assembled in either the firing position or traveling position, the only thing I can find really wrong with it, is the fact that the tires have no tread pattern, but given the nature of the moulds this would have been impossible to do. The kit requires some additions for which templates are provided, the instructions say to use paper but personally I would use something more stable like plastic of foil.

The instructions provide details for painting 3 guns, 1X Russian, 1X Taliban, 1X Indian army strangely not for an Iraqi gun, but seeing as they where only sand coloured anyway I suppose there is not much point.

A nice little kit which scales out as most of Aces kit do to 1/72nd according to the drawings I have.


I found very little in the way of references other than photos from the net and in various books and the plans I acquired !. My only problem is deciding what to mount it on.

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