5cm Panzerabwehrkanone 38 - 5cm Pak.38
Review by Simon Barnes Kit # 72222

My fourth purchase in the ACE gun department, the 5cm PAK 38, although this is also not a early run kit and is starting to show a bit of flash, the barrel is still round or at least looks it to the naked eye which is what matters. I originally bought this gun to fit in a SdKfz 250 as I had seen done in the AFV modelling Magazine, although now I have it I am no longer sure and might just build it normally.

The kit comes in 3 sprues and if like me you are wondering why 3 wheels ( it baffled me at first as well) one is used for towing. The gun is nicely detailed allowing it to be positioned in the travelling or a firing position. The muzzle brake is moulded in situ and will need careful drilling and cleaning to bring it to life. As with all the other guns 5 rounds are included only this time they are complete rounds and not the shell and case of the heavier guns.

This is a small kit compared to the other guns although not as small as the IG-18 which must be the smallest kit going !

A nicely detailed kit that with a bit of extra work can be bought to life. As with the other guns my references are thin to non existant for Artillery unless it was mounted on a vehicle.

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