Soviet ML-20 152mm Howitzer
Kit# 72227 Review by Simon Barnes

The ML-20 utilises the same carriage as the A-19 but is a 152mm calibre weapon versus the 122mm of the A-19. This gun was well liked by the Russian Army due to its versatility in the way it could be used, with an elevation of 65 degrees and 12 charge settings. It also had an Anti-Tank shell, which was able to penetrate 125mm of armour at 1,000 metres. At 7 tons it was a light gun and it quickly became the principal heavy weapon of the Soviet Army. Despite being designed in 1937 the gun continued in Soviet and Warsaw Pact use after the war.

The three main sprues are exactly the same as the A-19 kit. Unlike the A-19 though, wartime pictures are easier to find of the ML-20, and although museum pieces show that the pistons are covered by thin sheet, wartime pictures show the sheet not to be present.

The new sprue is the barrel complete with shells and cases. Although the barrel is moulded solid, it has good detail on the outside and with some careful drilling around the muzzel will improve.

Another welcome artillery piece from ACE and something for the tractors to tow at last.

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