German Tank Riders Set #2
Kit No. 72003 Review by Doug Chaltry

Warriors surprised me with their initial series of releases, coming out with five sets of figures in a very short period of time. They have since released nothing new, which is disappointing because of the extremely high quality of these figures. The sculpting, details and proportions are all excellent, and the casting is mostly pretty decent as well, though with one or two easily fixed pinholes in the resin.

They currently have two sets of German Tank Riders, each including four figures in various poses sitting, crouching or standing on a tank. As the title of the set indicates, they are wearing winter dress, the M1942 padded reversible smocks. These smocks came with white on one side, and fieldgray on the other, though some were white and zeltbahn camouflaged, as seen on one painted figure on the box top. The figures in this set carry a variety of weapons, including two Kar-98 carbines, an MP-40 SMG, and an MG-34, which would indicate to me that the winter of '42-43 would be most appropriate for these guys, as I think the MG-42 became much more prevalent the following years (though there are always exceptions).

These Warriors figures are amazingly well made, and I sincerely hope that some day they resume their production, and that they branch out into other nationalities.

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Article Last Updated: 31 May 2005