Sd.Kfz 251/2 Auf C
Rivetted version with Granatwerfer
Kit No. 7308 Review by Simon Barnes

Although German halftracks aren't my thing, yet here I am again with another one, this time instead of Werfrahmen it has a Granatwerfer (or mortar to you and me). This time Dragon have gone for the rivetted version of the 251 and although the kit uses the basic hull bottom they have done something very inventive to get round the lack of rivets on the lower hull: the upper hull is a new piece with the rivets moulded in place. As with the other versions a full and comprehensive interior is included in the kit with optional parts for the Granatwerfer version.

The break down of the kit is the same as any of the other 251 series, but includes a new upper hull for the rivetted version and PE for the lower hull rivets, which gives you the option of either doing a rivetted version or a normal welded version, you could alway swap parts with another kit and have a rivetted carrier and use the Granatwerfer in a welded vehicle. The kit is the same as the SdKfz 251 mit Wurfrahmen with just optional parts for the mortar.

The upper hull sprue with the revised seating added to the end.

The road wheels and fully detailed suspension for the tyres.

As with other 251's there are two of these sprues.

The new rivetted upper hull.

A close up of the front.

And the rear.

Compared to the welded version.

the lower hull which is the same on all models and fully detailed.

The mortar and ammo boxes.

A close up showing the hollow (well partly) mortar tube

The tracks, made of DS styrene, very well detailed and very useful. On small tracks like these DS come into their own and are better than link and length in my opinion.

A small length of wire is included for the Radio antenna

The PE fret includes the lower hull side rivet detail and the ammunition rack which will require careful bending. Also included are various fitting for the troop compartment mainly for the MP 40's

The first decal sheet is for Divisional Identification signs.

The second is for the number plates although the PE plates of the Wurfrahmen variant are not included in the kit as aren't the rear mud flaps.

A very detailed model of this diminuative vehicle and although I will refrain for the moment from buying the Personel carrier versions, if other intreresting variants are released I could be persuaded to fork out for them.


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