T-34/76 Mod.1942 w/Cast Turret
Review by Simon barnes Kit No. 7224

Yet another T-34 release and I am sure that it won't be the last (not counting the SU-85/100 SP guns) this time it is labeled as the cast turret, which is somewhat mis-leading as it is not the cast turret version but a so called formed version or even known as a "pressed" turret or a Stamped turret. Despite it being wrongly labeled it is infact a good representation of the formed turret. The kit breaks down in the now familiar way, with the exception of the wheel choice.

The basic vehicle is the same as in most of the other Dragon kits with the exception that the rear access plate is moulded shut.

The turret comes on a seperate sprue and includes the hand holds

The turret interion is the same as the other T-34 Mod 42/43 hexagonal turret releases and even includes the roof from the German Beute panzer version although regretfully not the cupola to go with it.

The wheels selection has been kept to a minimum with just the perforated rubber dished version being in the box although it was usual to see these vehicles with other variations in wheels. for those that have the full T-34 range this shouldn't pose too much of a problem as with careful planning it is possible to get other wheels from the other kits.

The tracks are the standard Waffle pattern made out of the "famous" DS plastic. Personally I feel that the tracks are the weak point in these kits, not so much because they are one piece but because they are to my mind slightly too thick.

The PE is the standard fret seen in the later T-34 releases and has a good balance of parts that will enhance the kit without going over the top with it.

Markings are provided for 5 vehicles, although this time they are missing the obligatory beute version. the decals are thin and in register.



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