Kit No. 349 Review by Simon Barnes

The second kit of the mid engined vehicles to be released, this time mounting the 2 cm FlaK cannon

The first sprue is for the basic hull, with all part common to all these vehicles, well detailed and finely produced, my only comment is about the closed drivers position.

The second sprue contains all parts for the AA version, the gun and the superstructure which can be assembeled up or down although the purist may want to replace some of the superstructure with thinner more in scale parts. The main gun shield is also supplied as a plastic part which makes it also slightly thick especially when some parts of the shield are supplied as PE. What is also unusual is that a former has been supplied for the small shield on the gun to obtain the correct shape. It has been said that the gun has a squashed appearance to it, I can not confirm this as I have no accurate drawings of the gun.

The PE fret contains the normal suspects for these kitsplus parts of the gun shield.

The decal sheet is very comprehensive, thin and in register, although only two schemes + one on the box are included in the kit.

Another fine kit from UM as with the bison it measures out well to 1/72nd.


Marder and Grille MBI Books dual Czech and English Language

FlaKPanzer 38(t) By Janusz Ledwoch Militaria 050


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Last Modified: 31 May 2005