M8 Correction and Details Set
Kit # 72105 Review by Thomas Braden

Accessory / Correction and Detail Set

Light grey resin

Plastic Bag

Instruction sheet in English and German listing parts and locations.

This set provides all the essentials for correcting and detailing the M8, thereby catering to all those who want a much better M8 than Italeri gave them without spending their lifetime on ‘The Perfect Model’.
The set includes a new turret in correct (lower) height and many fine additional details inside and out. Both the driver/radio operator visors are provided as amazingly thin parts. Side storage bins give a choice to build a late version, while extra luggage and a very convincing heap of snowchains challenge the modeler to create a ‘realistically’ cluttered vehicle.

The wheels are the best part, in my opinion outdoing all other comparable products on the market. A well done thread, realistic vents and all the proper nuts and bolts will make sure your model can stand even the closest rivet-counting scrutiny.

Combined with either of the Extratech etched sets these parts will allow to build a beautiful M8 to exactly the level of detail the particular modeler wants.

Highly recommended – get several if you can!

Available directly from MR Modellbau

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Article Last Updated: 31 May 2005