T-34/76 Mod.1943
Review by Simon barnes Kit No. 7277

Finally after the wrongly labeled T-34/76 mod.43 Beute have dragon released the proper kit, the Mod 43 being distinctive by the addition of the commanders cupola to the turret. The kit is the same as the original Mod.42 but with the corrected hull. The only new sprue is for the cupola itself and that the wheel selection is different, included are only 6 steel wheels 4 spider and the rest being the normal perforated rubber solid dish wheels.

The break down of the kit is the same as the other T-34 kits, or better said the Mod.42 and Beute kits as the rear access panel is moulded shut.Again the option is there for either the PE engine mesh or the plastic is there, at least the option of having it in the kit is better than the option of purchasing an aftermarket item that unless it is for the specific kit won't fit.

The turret is basically the same as on the Mod.42 and the Beute, with the exception of having a new roof for the commander cuploa and the 2 periscope sights

The internal turret sprue is the same and contains the gun breach and outsid hand holds.

As already mentioned the whhel selection differs from the Mod.42 with the inclusion of the Dished wheels and not so many steel, however there is enough to make the kit and some spare depending on which vehicle you want to model.

The tracks are the standard waffle type, it is interesting to note that Dragon must have various moulds for the tracks as they come in a variety of lengths depending on which kit you buy, which is odd as all the kits have the same distance around the wheels, the lengths vary from between a little tight to too much slack where links have to be removed.

The PE provided in the Dragon kits is some of the best I have seen, not only is it thin and in scale, but it is also not over done and all parts are usefull so that the fret is not full of gimmicks that are never used, of course it is up to the individual as to how much PE he/she wants to add, as the kit can be built without.

Markings are provided for 4 vehicles of which one is the now obligatory "beute Panzer " The decals are well printed ans suitably thin and should set down well.

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Plus Various other russian Publications that when I find out what they are called in English I will add to the list

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