Culins Hedge Cutters
Kit #: 72C24 Preview by Doug Chaltry

<<Scan by Al Magnus>>
This set includes several variants of the "Rhino" hedgerow cutters, the best known of which being designed by Sgt. Curtis Culin. The ones with the wedges for the outer prongs were known as the "Douglas Device". Although there were several varieties of these devices, there was a small amount of consistency with their naming, being named as T1, T1E1, T2, etc.

This set includes two each of six varieties of cutters. They will work on both Shermans and Stuarts, and can be cut or modified to match specific cutter designs that you may see in a photo. The parts are very nicely cast with no faults or blemishes in the resin.

Thank you very much to Alain Levesque of Leva Productions for this review sample.

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Article Last Updated: 29 January 2010