10.5cm leichte Feldhaubitze 18/40 (Drachenfels)
Review by Simon Barnes Kit # 72226

One day I will learn to take pictures straight ! It is nice to see a manufacturer making a concerted effort to produce some towed artillery in plastic for a change, normally artillery has been the province of resin manufacturers. There are plenty of trucks and vehicles but not a lot for them to tow other than the Hasegawa 88's. This is a later version of the earlier released le FH-18 10.5cm field Howitzer with a new gun shield and split trailer legs.

The kit contains two new sprues, the first contains the new gun shield and split legs along with a new muzzle brake and carriage.

This sprue is the same as the old version and contains the older gun shield and carriage and older muzzle brake.

The kit also has the sprue containing the shells and cases and other ancillaries.

Two new wheels are provided in the kit with solid rubber tyres and not the old notched ones.


All in all a nice kit of an unusual version of the well-known FH-18, at least I had never heard of it before but then that's nothing new.

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