Kit # 7239 Review by Simon Barnes

It has been a while since MW have released anything new, here they have released another T-34 variant this time the 100mm BS-3 armed variant used by Egypt, the kit contains the turret and the gun. My only question that I find by MW T-34 kits is the hull, although the kit uses the lower hull sides and wheels and tracks from the EE kits they provide a new hull floor and upper hull parts that elongate the base hull. The unfortunate thing is that this time using the EE wheels is a bad choice as these veicles used the solid rubber tyres seen on the SU-100 as opposed to the perforated rubber tyres supplied in the EE kits.

The turret is all new and this time has the options for open hatches, it is nice to see this as the earlier T-34/122 the option wasn't available unless you wanted to do some surgery and scratch building.

There is a very basic interior for the turret consisting mainly of the gun breach and mounting, there are no Ammunition stowage racks provided and as the hatches are fairly large this will be noticable.

The kit includes a late pattern hull or at least fenders, as I have already mentioned before the hull is slightly elongated, why MW have done this I am not sure, I can only presume that they have tried to correct the EE hull rather than using a different hull as a base.

The wheels,tracks and lower hull all come from the EE kit and as such includes various parts for the SU-85 EE kit such as he gun mantlet and gun housing, nice to have some spares but quite where you are going to use these is a mystery.

No decals are included in the kit as they very rarely carried any markings in service, what the kit does provide but is not shown here is a small length of wire for the turret hand holds.

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