Review by Simon Barnes HäT Kit No. 99013


After the recent releases of German Armour Hat have returned to Allied Armour and this time British with the Cromwell. I was actually quite surprised to find this in the shops so quickly after having to wait months for other kits before they reach our shores.

The break down of the kit is the usual way for Hat, with the exception that the turret is a multi part piece to get the raised bolt detail on the turret sides. The hull hatches are unfortunately closed with the hull being the Cvariant. Turret hatches are open with even the cupola being a separate part. Although the kit is not as detailed as the Revell kit especially around the tracks, theses kits are perfect for what they are, Wargaming models. As always the dimensions are correct to 1/72 scale and although the panel lines are a little heavy on the rear deck, they don't detract from the overall level of detail.

As with all Hat kits, they are perfect for those wanting to build a lot of tanks quickly or for those that want to try some conversions.

The turret side details

The exhaust detail is as good as on the Revell kit.

I recommend these kits to all but the perfectionists, they are accurate in size and details and whilst over simplified in places, mainly the tracks, they are still nice for conversions.




Cromwell- Russian Language book with details drawing plans and stowage layouts

The Universal Tank - British Armor in The Second World War 2 (Part 2) -David Fletcher

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