Sd.Kfz 139 SPG Marder III
Kit No. 347 Review by Simon Barnes

Not being Biased or anything, this is definitely the ugliest of the 3 Marder, in fact it is so ugly I wasn't going to get it at all, but in the end I succumbed and bought the thing. This was the first conversion of the Pz 38(t) to mount a A/T gun, it was mounted on an open topped superstructure that offered very little protection to the crew but it provided a much needed mobility for A/T guns

the first sprue is the same as in the Pz 38 tanks which have already been covered

The other main sprue has the parts for the superstructure and the gun and its mount, care is needed when placing the gun as it is unclear exactly where it should fit. The ammunition stowage is provided but lacks any details which spoils it somewhat as it can be clearly seen when built. the superstructure is a multi piece affair and needs careful alignment when building for it all to fit correctly. No need to worry about erasing the rivets as plenty of spares are provided.

The tracks and wheels are the same as supplied in all the other Pz 38 (t) kits, UM must have modified these sprues as the early kits had problems with the sprocket and idler spacing making then too narrow for the tracks, this has been rectified and both can be fitted together without any added spacing.

The PE fret supplies the prominent stowage basket for the rear deck although the main frame is plastic, this is a better solution as the finished article doesn't have that 2D look that some PE parts have.

Decals are provided for various vehicles, although again only two are shown in the instructions, the decals are thin and in register, I have yet to use the UM decals on any kit so I can't say how they react to softener or other products.

Although I find it to be an ugly vehicle it looks correct when built, that said it could do with more detailing in the fighting compartment and on the gun, care should be taken when placing some of the parts as the instructions are a bit vague but not impossible. The kit scales out to the dimensions and drawings I have.



Marder and Grille MBI Books dual Czech and English Language

PzKpfw 38(t) in action Squadron/Signal No 19

Marder III Militaria N0 73

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