Tires for MAZ Tractors
Kit # A002 Scans by Alexey Kluchko

PST markets several vehicle kits based on the MAZ tractor. Unfortunately, the plastic tires that come in the kits do not have an accurate tread pattern, and this set of 8 rubber tires is meant to fix that error. Note that the newest MAZ kit, #72060 - 'Multifunctional Radar Vehicle' for the SA-10 'Gramble' ADS, already comes with these new tires, and they do not need to be purchased separately for that kit.

These are the new tires:

These are the old tires on the completed kit:

And these are the new tires on a completed kit:

Here is a comparison; the old, kit tires are on the left, and these new rubber tires are on the right:

Here's another comparison showing the tread detail. New tires are on the left, and the old tires are on the right:

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Article last updated - 31 May 2005