Jagdpanzer IV L/70
Review by Simon Barnes Kit No. 7293

After trying to make a good model out of the Hasegawa kit with the addition of the Revell Pz IV Auf J and the part PE set and the Armo barrel (total cost?) Dragon have released the kit in 1/72nd making my previous kits obsolete. this is a complete kit without the need for anything else at a lot less of a cost and a lot more detailed without the need for the add-ons that bump the price up a very good model at a price for those on a budget and probably better than what could have been acheived with all the other parts and a lot less work !.What we have here is a JagdPz IV mid-production, not the late as claimed by Dragon, the easiest way to tell is by the exhausts with the early having the old Pz IV large exhaust, Mid as depicted here and the late having deflectors mounted on top, the other way is by the travel lock with both the early and mid having the cut out, and the late having a solid lock, there are other more subtle differences on the late that are not present on the kit.

The lower hull is all new designed specifically for the JagdPz IV series very nicely detaied with the suspension arms being seperate pieces.

The first sprue contains the upper hull or rather the transmission housing fenders and engine part, it also contains the armoured skirt attachment mounts the side armour for the rear deck, the rear plate, various hatches and other bits for on the hull

The next sprue contains the crew/fighting compartment, it includes both the old and new style gun mounts, the exhausts which are detailed on the inside, the mantlet and a plastic gun barrel.

There is another small sprue that has the engine deck and the two hatches on it, gone are the days of cutting out the hatches, Dragon leave the way open for aftermarket products, shame that there are not so many around. The hatches fit perfectly into the holes, no loose fit here!

A bonus to all those that want them is that all(well most) of the tools are seperate items, the Jack even has a seperate handle, all are very finely moulded and should please most people.

The Bonus in this kit is the turned Aluminium barrel

The suspension is the same as provided in all the other Pz IV based kits

The sprockets and idlers are of the late variety

The road wheels are the same as the other kits, with seperate fronts, this is certainly a bonus when painting, no more fiddling round trying to paint the tyre part.

The front

Also included are the all steel wheels used on this kit, although only 4 are used plenty of spares are provided, so many infact that you could possibly fit the whole vehicle with them ! they are provided as a single piece, no seperate front here.

The Track is of the DS variety, I know that this is not to everyones taste, but in comparison they are very well detailed, glue together with normal model glue, accept paint very well and fit together in 10 seconds !. I am not sure as to whether Dragon have various moulds for the tracks, with the StuG tracks being too long and the Hornisse being too short, these are the right size and fit without any pulling on the sprockets or idlers.

Markings are provided for 5 vehicles

Overall a very nice and detailed kit, it scale out to 1/72nd according to my referernces. I am looking forward to building this, in fact I have already started and there are no fit problems, the kit just falling together in one evening.


Jagdpanzer IV L/70 Verlinden Warmachines 17

PanzerjaegerUnd Sturmgeschuetze by Horst schiebert Podzun-Pallas-Verlag GmbH

Sturmartillerie and Panzerjaeger 1939-45 by Hilary Doyle & Tom Jentz Osprey New Vanguard

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