From Germany. Multi-pose figures, molded in hard, styrene plastic.

Kit Number Kit Name  Comments Previews Reviews Articles
72400 Modern Passers-by 6 figures.
72401 Modern Standing passers-by  
72402 Modern Walking passers-by  
72403 Modern Girls 7 figures.
72406 Modern Mechanics 6 figures.
72407 Modern German Air Force - Summer Uniform  
72408 Modern Soviet Air Force - Summer Uniform  
72409 Modern German Luftwaffe Pilots & ground crew 6 figures.
72410 WWII German Luftwaffe Ground crew 6 figures.
72411 Modern Civil employees, standing 6 figures.
72412 Modern Civil employees, walking 6 figures.
72413 WWII Civilians waving at the roadside 5 figures.
72414 Set of small animals.      
72500 Modern US Infantry      
72501 WW II German Armored Infantry-Dismounting      
72502 WW II US Air Force  
Box photo
(Katona Gergely)
72503 WW II German Panzer Grenadiers      
72504 WW II German Infantry-Walking      
72505 WW II German Infantry-Resting      
72507 WW II German Tank Crew-Resting      
72508 WW II Luftwaffe Pilots and Ground Crew The poses are very useful: mechanics relaxing/eating; pilots playing cards. Sculpting is generally very good. Detail is good, but a bit light, but according to the pictures of painted figures on the backside of the box can be enhanced if painted properly. Some poses can be used as tank mechanics. - R. Haelterman    
72509 WW II Luftwaffe Flight Crew The poses are useful: pilots boarding aircraft, debriefing,... Sculpting is less than previous set (detail not so fine). Could be because the re-releases (with a different Ref. Nr) have been reworked. Mine was an old set. - R. Haelterman
72510 Civilians 1930's Garb  
Box photo
(Stephen Brezinski)
72511 Horses, cows, sheep 22 animals.
72512 Modern Passers-by, standing and walking 25 figures.
72513 Modern Uniformed people, dressed summerly 24 figures.
72515 WW II German Tank Crew      
72516 WW II German Paratroopers      
72517 WWII German 8 cm Mörser 34 in combat 5 figures with mortar & accessories.
72518 WW II German PaK Crew      
72519 Modern US Infantry in Action      
72520 Modern German/NATO Pilots and Ground Crew  
72521 WW II German Soldiers on Leave  
72522 WW II Russian Infantry & Partisans      
72523 Soviet WW II Tank Riders Set 2      
72524 Modern US Tank Crew      
72525 Soviet WW II Tank Riders Set 1      
72526 Soviet WW II Tank Crew      
72527 Advancing grenadiers with MG. The German Reich 1939-45 Multi-piece, multi-option hard plastic figures
Rob Haelterman  
72528 Modern Civil travellers and personnel 18 figures.
72529 WWII Allied Military police. Vienna 1945 5 figures.
72530 Modern US Tank crew 8 figures.
72531 WWII Refugees 7 figures & Accessories.    
72532 WWII German Military police 6 figures & Accessories.    
72533 WWII German Infantry riflemen lined up 36 figures.
72534 WWII British Military Police  
72536 WWII German mortar crew, lined up 7 figures.
72535 Modern German special forces at the barracks  
72536 WWII German mortar crew, lined up 7 figures.
72537Refugees9 figures   
72538 WWII German motorcyclists on their motorcycle Includes 2 motorcycles with side-car & 5 figures
72539 WWII German motorcyclists next to their motorcycle Includes 2 motorcycles with side-car & 4 figures
72540Soviet attacking infantry rifle men12 figures in winter uniform, USSR 1941–45   
72543 Standing pilots USSR 41-45  
72544Modern US Army, drivers, seated soldiers14 figures   
72547US infantry, D-Day 194412 figures   
72548US airborne troops, D-Day 194412 figures   
72550German Reich anti-tank crew. Winter uniforms 1943-4512 figures   
72551German Reich Infantry riflemen in the battle. Winter uniforms 1943-4512 figures   
72552German Reich & Soviet troops in close combat. Winter uniforms 1943-4516 figures   

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Kits list last updated 07 September 2013