Tank Crew USSR 1942

Kit # 72526

Preview by Rob Haelterman - heman_148(at)hotmail.com

This is one of the medium-sized sets from Preiser, containing only 10 figures and no additional sprues of accessories.
Actually, 2 of the figures are only upper torso's, perfect for a driver peeking out of his hatch and onother is cut off above the kness, good for a commander in his turret.
Of the other seven, four have separate legs, so you can use only the upper part if you want to use them in a hatch, or you can use them standing clear of the vehicle.
Of the remaining three, only the heads and (parts of) the arms are separate, but you get 5 heads to choose from.
You get 15 lower arms in total, which (mostly) can be mixed and matched.

This set is nicely sculpted with recognizable facial expressions. Only the submachine gun (a PPSh I assume) is a bit blurry.

Assembly instructions - for as far as you need them - are on the inside of the box, as is usual for Preiser. To access them, you will need to cut the box up.

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Article Last Updated: 04 May 2009