Kit # 72531

Preview by Rob Haelterman - heman_148(at)

Figure sets for non-combattants are rare, so a set from a company like Preiser is always more than welcome.

Unfortunately, this is one of the smaller sets from Preiser, containing only 7 figures and a cart. You get one spare arm and one spare head.

Two of the seven figures are children (I guess around 6 year-olds); one is an older man walking with a cane with a load on the back, while another man is walking with a crutch and holding a suitcase. For the latter you have a choice between heads: one with hat, the other with cap and beard.
Two figures are women, one of which is holding either a cane or a suitcase, and the other a purse. The latter seems somewhat pregnant, and could be used perfectly in a 'non-refugee' setting.
The remaining figure is drawing the four-wheeled cart full of belongings. Although the facial expression is vivid, I have some difficulty determining if this is a man or a women, but it would seem very uncivilized for a man to let his wife draw the heavy cart, so....

All figures are wearing some sort of greatcoat, and I think some can be turned into fleeing German troops with relatively minor effort.

All figures are anatomically complete. Sculpting is very good and facial expressions are very nice. The cart is very nicely done too.

Assembly instructions - for as far as you need them - are on the inside of the box, as is usual for Preiser. To access them, you will need to cut the box up.


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Article Last Updated: 15 May 2009