German Gunners

Kit # 72518

Preview by Rob Haelterman - heman_148(at)

This is one of the smaller sets from Preiser, containing only 5 figures plus a 75mm round. No other spare parts are given.

Compared with most recent Preiser figures sets, this one is relatively poorly done, with soft detail and rather indistinct uniform features. For instance, the gas mask canisters are not comparable with those in their most recent sets, and are more blobs than cilynders. If I use this set, I will probably replace most equipment with spare parts from the other Preiser sets.

The poses are anatomically well done, however. You get:
- 3 figures sitting on a gun (e.g. PaK 40), one handling a round
- 1 figure kneeling, handling a round
- 1 figure leaning forward, giving instructions.


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Article Last Updated: 04 May 2009