Infantrymen on a tank. USSR 1942

Kit # 72523

Preview by Rob Haelterman - heman_148(at)

This is one of the medium-sized sets from Preiser, containing 12 figures and no additional sprues for accessories.
While you actually only get 6 different figures (
you get every sprue twice), you will be able to do some mixing and matching to have them look somewhat different. For instance, you get 24 heads with different headgear, while some of the other gear are separate pieces. You only get just enough arms though.

You get 3 figures that would not seem out of place sitting on a tank, with their legs dangling over the sides; alternatively, these three figures might be used in a more dynamic pose, as to represent soldiers dodging bullets during an assault. Another figure is crouching and two are kneeling.

All figures are anatomically complete, and sculpting is quite good with recognizable facial expressions. Only the weapons are quite blurry, especially the heavy MG.
I can't vow for the historical accuracy, however, as I don't know a big deal about Russian uniforms.

Assembly instructions - for as far as you need them - are on the inside of the box, as is usual for Preiser. To access them, you will need to cut the box up.

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Article Last Updated: 13 May 2009