Infantrymen on Tank, USSR, 1942
Kit # 72525 Review by Stephen Brezinski

This is a fine addition to Preiser's 1/72 scale quality  figures. I find it is refreshing that they are expanding beyond their great German figures. There are about 80 separate injection-molded styrene parts for 12 figures of standing and sitting figures. Each figure appears to come with a choice of several heads so with separate arms, legs and torsos we have a large assortment of possible poses.

Though designed as Soviet tank riders, they easily can be used sitting in a truck or outside on the ground. Unlike the German infantry figures, the weapons are molded into the figure's hands and none are separate. Molding quality is good and with fine facial features. There are no decal markings as with a vehicle. The instructions look adequate and are standard with Preiser figures.

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Last Updated: 14 December 2004