German Military Police

Kit # 72532

Preview by Rob Haelterman - heman_148(at)

This is one of the smaller sets from Preiser, containing only 6 figures plus 2 sprues of accessories.
Al figures all multi-piece affairs, which can be mixed and matched to a certain extent. For instance, you get 15 arms and 7 separate faces. As most German soldiers had two arms and one face, this means you have some to spare for other projects.
The accessory sprues contain canteens, mess tins, haversacks, gas mask canisters, shovels, backpacks and tentrolls, headgear, binoculars and pistol holsters. Again, you get more than what is needed for 6 figures.

As with most recent Preiser figures sets, this one is beautifully done, with crisp detail and very accurately portrayed uniforms.

All poses are for figures standing upright, 3 in regular tunics, one with Zeltbahn poncho and two with greatcoats.

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Article Last Updated: 04 May 2009