Tank Crew, US Army, 2000
Kit # 72524 Review by Doug Chaltry - doug(at)ontheway.us

This is the third set of Modern US Troops that Preiser has given us; this time, it's a collection of crew figures for tanks and other armored vehicles. For those of you who have seen Preiser's previous sets of Modern US troops, you will know what to expect here. That is to say, these figures are very good, though not done to the very high standard that has been set with Preiser's WW II German figures.

The poses of the figures are life-like and they provide several options, such as separate arms and heads, so that some modification of a few figures may be possible. Also, the detail is molded pretty well, with distinct belts, pockets, and folds in the uniforms. It would have been nice had Preiser included a separate sprue of additional personal gear and weapons that could have been used to further individualize these figures, and to use as vehicle stowage.

Sixteen figures are included in this set. Eight of them are appropriate to place within open hatches of the tank models. Six of the figures are best suited to working on or outside of the vehicles. And finally, there are two figures dressed in equipment more suited to infantry troops, so they could be used as such, or as crew members for personnel carriers or other non-MBT vehicle.

Thank you, as always, to Thomas Braden for providing this review set.

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Last Updated: 8 May 2005