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Outstanding kits from the Czech Republic and a subsidiary of CMK.

Primarily resin, with small frets of photoetch. Unfortunately, the early tracked vehicles (except the Maus) have extremely poor plastic tracks. The tracks are supposed to be vinyl, but the vinyl/plastic is so stiff and heavy that they are practically unusable. New kits have much better tracks. The resin and brass are top-notch. Accessories and diorama accessories are also released under the same label.

Kits - Resin
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
MV001 T-40 Soviet Light Amphibious Tank Excellent resin parts. Very good photoetched parts. Very poor tracks. Overall, a highly detailed and well-made model, crippled by almost useless tracks.    
MV002 BTR-70 Soviet APC Excellent resin parts. Includes etched brass. Minor difficulty with wheels, but easily fixed.   Doug Chaltry
MV003 Bergepanzer Tiger      
MV004 Sturmtiger Quality of the resin and brass parts is very high. Steel wheels are excellent, although the sprocket wheels are copies of the horrible Hasegawa Tiger sprocket wheels. The rear hull is also a copy of the Hasegawa Tiger, and is therefore quite poor. The plastic tracks are useless. Would make a good kit bash with spare Tiger parts from the Revell Tiger kits.    
MV005 Bergepanther      
MV006 Panzer Draisine      
MV007 3.7cm Flak 43 Beautiful model. Resin and etched brass. Includes trailer. Preview  
MV008 Plate-Forme SSyme 50 ton Resin kit of good quality with a few etched parts and a short piece of railroad track. Note that no decals are included. - J.Ebke    
MV009 Faun ZRS on road For V2 rocket.    
MV010 Schwere 15cm Geschutz 33 Beautiful model. Resin and etched brass. Preview  
MV011 Porsche 'Maus' Very good kit. Partially hollow body to reduce weight. All resin body, plus some etched brass engine grates. Preview  
MV012 A-Stoff For V2 rocket.    
MV013 Meillerwagen For V2 rocket.    
MV014 Faun ZR Railway Version For V2 rocket.    
MV015 Sd.Kfz. 7/3 Feuerleitpanzer For V2 rocket.    
MV016 SAM-2 Guideline AA Missile      
MV017 Kfz.385 For V2 rocket.    
MV018 Opel Blitz T. Stofftankwagen For V2 rocket.    
MV019 Sd.Kfz. 7/2 Flak 36 Half-track with 37mm Flak, and armored cab.    
MV020 Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. J Not 100% accurate, but provides an excellent starting point to build a late version Ausf. J. Preview  
MV021 Pz.Kpfw. IV w.Schmalturm Based on the Hasegawa Pz. IV, with the Schmalturm from the Hasegawa Panther F. Excellent resin moldings and etched metal parts, including fenders and mesh skirts. Preview  
MV022 Pz.Kpfw. IV Bergepanzer      
MV023 Pz.Kpfw. IV Kugelblitz      
MV024 Sd.Kfz. 9 FAMO 18 ton Excellent (and huge) model. Preview  
MV025 Sd.Anh.116 Really neat kit, and a great accompaniment to the FAMO tractor. Preview  
MV026 Büssing NAG 4500A Excellent (and huge) model. Preview  
MV027 Soviet Draisine 'Kasnaja Zvezda'      
MV028 Steyer Schienenpanzer K 2670 Trailer      
MV029 Sturmpanzer IV Brummbar      
MV030 Sd.Kfz. 164 Nashorn Beautiful resin kit, with photoetched, and a turned brass gun barrel. Preview  
MV031 Ford Jeep GPA Amphibious Jeep.    
MV032 Sd.Kfz. 9 FAMO 18t w/88mm FlaK      
MV034 M984 Oshkosh Recovery vehicle      
MV035 Sd.Kfz. 9 FAMO 18t w/Bilstein 6ton Crane      
MV036 Brencarrier Mk.II Exquisitely detailed kit. Preview  
MV037 Chevrolet truck 30cwt LRDG      
MV038 M-26 Dragon Wagon An extremely large and highly detailed kit Preview  
MV039 M-26A1 Dragon Wagon w/M15 Trailer An extremely large and highly detailed kit    
MV040 MAZ 535      
MV041 VT-34 Recovery Vehicle Based on the T-34 chassis.    
MV043 17cm Cannon "Matterhorn"      
MV044 21cm Cannon "Matterhorn"      
MV045 Maus Transportwagen Flatbed rail wagon transporter for Maus.    
MV046 Sd.Kfz. 9 FAMO Artillery Version      
MV047 Vagon Gattungsbezirk Linz Flatbed rail wagon tank transporter.    
MV048 Flachwagen Gattung 80 ton flatbed rail wagon transporter for Tiger tanks.    
MV050 BR 52 Kriegslokomotive Steam Locomotive    
MV051 BR 64 Kriegslokomotive Steam Locomotive    
MV052 BR 86 Kriegslocomotive      
MV053 WR 360 C 14 Diesel Locomotive      
MV063 M2A1 Bradley Iraq War    
MV064 M1A1 Abrams Iraq War    
MV065 Challeger I      
MV067 Sd.Kfz. 165 Hummel (Early Version)      
MV068 Sd.Kfz. 165 Hummel (Late Version)      
MV069 Sd.Anh. 473 Leuchtfeueranhänger      
MV070 WWII German Commander's Trailer      
MV071 Large Air Compressor 34      
MV073 Linz Railcar for carrying Me-410 Aircraft Parts For fuselage and wings    
MV074 Linz Railcar for carrying Me-410 Aircraft Parts For wing mid-section and engine nacelles    
MV075 Linz Railcar for carrying Me-410 Aircraft Parts For fin/rudder and horizontal stabilizers    
MV076 M-983 Oshkosh Tractor      
MV077 Sd.Anh. 105 Feldofen      
MV078 20mm Oerlikon AA Gun      
MV079 Naval 102mm Gun      
MV080 Kohlenkran DR - Railway Coaling Crane WWII      
MV081 M-977 Oshkosh Cargo Truck      
MV082 M-978 Oshkosh Fuel Tanker      
MV083 Wasserkran German water crane for locomotives.    
MV084 40mm Bofors AA Gun      
MV085 Fug 2.5 ton Fork Lift      
MV086 Morris Commercial CDSW 30cwt 6x4 Truck      
MV087 WWII US Water Tanker Trailer "Ben Hur"      
MV088 WWII US Cargo Trailer "Ben Hur"      
MV089 5cm PaK 38      
MV090 Skoda PA.II (vzor OA.23) "Turtle"      
MV091 75mm Field Gun Schneider 1938 (2 ver.)      
MV092 PaK 37(t)      
MV093 GMP PT2 Armoured Engineering Vehicle      
MV094 2'2'32 Vanderbilt Tender for BR 52 Kriegslokomotive      
MV096 Auto Union/DKW F.91/4 Munga      
MV097 Tatra V855 German WW2 Aerosleigh      
MV098 DKW F.91P6 Ambulance / Firepatrol Car      
MV099 Sd.Anh. Trailer      
MV100 120mm mortar model F1 MO-120-RT-61      
MV101 R-1 tankette (Praga AH-IV-R  resin kit with decals    
MV102 Strv m/37 (Praga AH-IV-S)  resin kit with decals    
MV103 M22 Locust airborne tank  resin kit with decals    
MV104 Tatra OA vz.30      
MV105 Funkwagen PA.II (t)      
MV106 Orion V - Bundeswehr Container Load Trailer      
MV108 TATRA OA vz.30 / Pz.SpW.30(t) Czechoslovak Armoured Car in WWII Service. Resin kit with decals    
MV110 Unimog U406 DoKa Military Airport Tug + AERO Rx Towbar      
MV117 M29 Weasel resin kit with decals and PE    
MV118Ringtrichter Richtungshörer Horchgerät (RRH) German WW2 Acoustic Monitoring Device  
MV119 Unimog FLU 419 SEE US Army resin kit with decals and plotter cut foil windows.    
MV120MAN LE 10.220 Bundeswehr Military Aircraft Tug   
MV12130,5cm Belagerungsmörser M.11 (Skoda 30,5cm Haubitze)   
MV123M1278 HGC JLTV L-ATV Oshkosh
MV124M1280 JLTV L-ATV Oshkosh

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
MV049 Panzer IV Tracks

Rubber band copies of Revell hard plastic tracks. Also sold under CMK label.

MV054 German Railway Track and Car Bumper One section of track plus end bumper.    
MV055 German WW II Ammo Boxes Wood boxes of various sizes.    
MV056 US WW II Ammo Boxes Boxes of various sizes for cannon and MG ammo. Preview  
MV057 German WW II Equipment Set Duffle bags, jerry cans, tent rolls, etc.    
MV058 US WW II Equipment Set Duffle bags, jerry cans, tent rolls, etc. Preview  
MV059 US equipment modern      
MV060 British Modern Equipment Set Duffle bags, jerry cans, tent rolls, etc.    
MV061 Tent Pack I Rolled tents and tarps in various shapes. Preview  
MV062 Tent Pack II Rolled tents and tarps in various shapes.    
MV063 Bradley Stowage Equipment from Gulf War, plus open hatches and other details. Preview  
MV064 M1A1 Abrams Equipment Miscellaneous stowage equipment from Gulf War. Preview  
MV065 Challenger 1 Equipment Miscellaneous stowage equipment from Gulf War. Preview  
MV095 BR-52 Armoring for locomotive's boiler (HB)  Designed for Planet kit BR-52 (MV050)    

Diorama Items
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
MV054 Railway-track (2 pcs.) + buffer      
MV066 Railway-track (3 pcs.)      
MV107 20 Foot Cargo Container      
MV109 Portable Toilet "TOI TOI" resin kit with decals; 2 pieces  
MV111 Wheeled fire extinguisher PG 50 with transport container      
MV112 Multi Water Tank Container, 10 m3 resin kit with decals and PE    
MV113 Sanitary Container (Mobile WC) resin kit with decals and PE    
MV114 Fuel Storage Tank Container resin kit with decals    
MV115 Gas Station Container resin kit with decals and PE    
MV116 Water Supply Tank Container, 18 m3 resin kit with decals    
MV12515 cm TbtsK C/36 'WWII German Destroyer Gun'resin
MV12615 cm TbtsK C/36 'WWII German Atlantic Wall Gun'resin

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Kit list last updated 24 January 2022