Abrams Equipment Set
Kit # 064 Review by Doug Chaltry - doug(at)ontheway.us

To be honest, I'm not exactly sure what all these items are. I wish that CMK would identify the kit parts in their instructions as MR Models did in their Sherman Accessories set. I can recognize the IFF panels in the upper right corner of the scan, as well as spare wheels, crew duffle bags, water cans, crew helmets, ammo boxes for the 120mm cannon as well as the 7.62mm machineguns, a full storage bin, as well as numerous other soft stowage items.

The master parts are very well made, with excellent detail, and the resin was superbly cast with no air bubbles or other flaws in this set. Although typically depicted as a Gulf War accessory set, these items can be used on any Abrams, Bradley, Humvee, or LAV, for that matter.

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Article Last Updated: 27 March 2005