Challenger 1 Equipment Set
Review by Doug Chaltry - 21 November 2004 Kit # 065

CMK began their accessory line with "generic" accessory sets, such as tents, boxes, packs, etc. But they have now expanded into releasing equipment sets for specific vehicles, and probably time periods as well. This set for the Challenger 1 I have seen advertised as being for Gulf War Challengers, although no mention is made of that anywhere on or in the actual package. Truth is, these items can be used on a Challenger 1 in any theater.

The set includes replacement turret storage bins full of equipment, rolled camouflage netting, and numerous other stowage items. The resin is expertly cast with only a single air bubble evident in this sample. I really like this set, and it will help to individualize and add character to any Challenger model.

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