Geschutz 33 sIG 33

Manufacturer: Planet Models (Kit No. MV 010)

Now this is a beautiful kit. If you only buy the kits that do not come with treads, you can't go wrong with Planet Models. The resin is top-notch. Excellent casting, no bubbles or flaws. Very delicate surface detail (rivets and such), and look at how thin the gun shield is. It's so thin, it's translucent. The photoetched parts are what make this kit special. Many resin companies try to get away with casting everything in resin, or else letting the modeler scratch build small detail parts; but the fact is, some parts are best made in brass (actually, I'm surprised that they didn't make the gun shield in brass).

The instructions are superb; they're better than some plastic companies I have seen. This model comes highly recommended, and would be an excellent component of conversion projects for any of the self-propelled sIG 33 variants.

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