Portable toilet


Kit : # MV109

Review by Marc Mercier

This subject is not exactly mainstream in the contemporary modelling community, but I find the set nonetheless very useful. Portable toilets are something you see more and more wherever Western armies are deployed. They have become a common sight in every compound in Afghanistan or Iraq and even during training in Europe.
In Belgium for instance, they are compulsory each time a major training exercise takes place.

Each toilet (this set contains two) is composed of 5 resin parts with very sharp detail (both inside and out). Even the underside of the toilet is nicely reproduced. The thickness of the doors and walls is realistic for 1/72 (which means very thin) and no wrapping anywhere.

The interior is nicely reproduced, so you could leave the door open (if nobody is inside of course!). All the parts in my kit were crisply moulded and almost no air bubbles can be seen. Due to clever planning and designing of the parts, clean up will be minimal.


The instruction sheet contains nice clear drawings who'll certainly do the job :


Not being a Toi-Toi expert, I checked this set against some pictures and it looks very accurate.
I'm almost certain the kit designer had access to one (pun intended).

Not very common in a resin set, this kit contains both decals and a clear painting scheme. As the name suggest, the version proposed is a toilet used by the firm Toi-Toi itself. Even the small door stencils are included.

Quality of the decals looks good. The only thing that's missing is a telephone number, often seen on the doors or sides, but I suppose many modellers have a lot of number decals in their reserve box (I know I do!), so this can easily be fixed...

The quality of the model itself is exceptional. Highly recommended

Preview sample purchased by the author.

This model can be purchased from Tracks & Troops

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Article Last Updated: 25 December 2014