Bradley Equipment Set
Review by Doug Chaltry - 21 November 2004 Kit # 063

These CMK equipment sets have sort of hit the market with little or no fanfare. There are some companies that get all sorts of recognition any time they release a new item, but for some reason, CMK is not one of them. I really have no idea why, because this is a really neat line of accessories, and I certainly hope that they sell well so that CMK will continue to market many more like these.

This Bradley set was designed for the Revell Bradley, but I am sure that it would also be quite useful for the Dragon and ARMO Bradleys as well. It includes several replacement parts for the plastic model that allows all hatches, both turret and hull, to be posed in the open position, which was one of the main drawbacks of the Revell kit. In addition to the hatches (which are detailed inside and outside), there is a ton of external stowage items, as can be seen above. As always, the parts are beautifully sculpted, and the casting is very high quality, with only a couple of very tiny pinholes on some edges.

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