JK Resin
Resin sets from Czech Republic. Old product line sold to BP Resin, but JK Resin have now started a new product line.

Accessories (Old)
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
72001 Pz.Kpfw. IV Zimmerit Resin zimmerit parts for Revell kit.      
72002 German 75mm Ammo (PzGr.39) 18 resin pieces: 8 complete and 10 empty shells. For Panzer IV, Stug. III and Stug. IV.      
72003 StuH. III Ausf. G Late Resin conversion parts for Revell kit.      
72004 Stug. III Ausf. G Late Resin conversion parts for Revell kit.      
72005 Elefant Exterior Set Resin detail parts for Dragon kit.      
72006 Ferdinand Exterior Set Resin detail parts for Dragon kit. Preview    
72007 Pz.Kpfw. VI King Tiger Ammo Set 14 resin pieces: 7 complete and 7 empty shells.      
72012 German Width Indicator Rods Resin and brass rod.      
72013 German Lights Includes Bosch and Notek lights, and tail lights, four of each.      
Accessories (New)
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
JKT72001 Mark I/II tracks for Masterbox kit
JKT72002 Mark I/II tracks with Grouser spuds for Masterbox kit    
JKT72003 Pz.Kpfw.VI Kingtiger zimmerit for Revell kit    
JKT72004 2cm KwK 30 & MG 34 barrel 1 resin & 1 brass copy of each barrel
JKT72005 2cm KwK 38 & MG 34 barrel 1 resin & 1 brass copy of each barrel    
JKT72006 Mark I Hotchkiss 57 mm barrel 2 pieces
JKT72007 MG34 2 pieces
JKT72008 MG34 with tripod  
JKT 72009 2cm flak gun empty cartridges 140 empty shells in resin, identical to those in set 72010
JKT 72010 2cm flak/gun ammo set      
JKT72011 Mark I "Female" Vickers 7.7mm for Masterbox kit
JKT72012 Mark II "Female" Lewis 7.7mm      
JKT72013 3,7cm flak/gun empty cartridges 140 pieces    
JKT72014 3,7cm flak/gun ammo set 140 pieces    
JKT72015 Mark IV "Male" Lewis & Hotchkiss for Emhar kit
JKT72016 Mark IV "Female" Lewis for Emhar kit


WW2 German smoke grenades for AFV Resin and PE to create 6 German smoke grenade launchers (with three launchers each) and 12 cartridges. All parts are extremely (!) finely rendered with incredibly thin walls for the hollow launchers, for instance. - Rob Haelterman    
JKT72018 German WWII Licence Plates PE + decals    
WW2 German width indicators 16 resin width indicators with PE details. For each vehicle you will need 3 plain indicators and one with a rear view mirror. Parts are very delicate and beautifully cast. - Rob Haelterman    
Mark IV tracks + Grouser spuds (EM)        
JKT72021 StuG III / StuH 42 - spare tracks        
JKT72022 German WW II Damaged Tracks for Pz.III /StuG III Ausf.G /StuH 42      
JKT72023 German WWII Fire Extinguisher 2 types    
JKT72024 German WW II Notek Lights      
JKT72025 German WW II Spare Tracks for Pz.III Ausf.J,M,N      
JKT72026 German WW II Clamps for Tools      
JKT72027 Return rollers for StuG III Ausf. G Late      
JKT72028 Antiskid Plate "Diamond Pattern"      
JKT72029 StuH 42 Saukopfblende - early for Dragon kit      
JKT72030 StuH 42 with Saukopfblende - mid for Dragon kit      
JKT72031 German WW II Antiskid plate - dot pattern 2 sheets      
JKT72032 StuG III Ausf.G with Saukopfblende - mid for Dragon kit      
8,8 cm KwK ammo boxes
7,5 cm ammo boxes      
Luftwaffe Transportgestell TG1 with SC 500 bombs    
Luftwaffe Ladewagen LWC500/IX with SC 250 bombs    
Zimmerit No.1  
JKT72038 Zimmerit No.2  
JKT72039 German WWII Luftwaffe SC50 bomb crates with SC50 bombs    
JKT72040 German WWII Luftwaffe SC250 bomb crates with SC250 bombs    
JKT72041 German WWII Luftwaffe SC500 bomb crates with SC500 bombs    
JKT72042 Luftwaffe Ammo Boxes for MG-FF, MG151, MG131, MK103, El.Az.      
JKT72044 Brummbar Mid Zimmerit For Dragon kit    
JKT72045 Jagdpanzer IV L/48 Early/Mid Zimmerit For Dragon kit    
JKT72046 Jagdpanzer IV / L48 Late Zimmerit For Dragon kit      
JKT72047 3,7cm Pak 36 ammo 162 pieces Preview    
JKT72048 3,7cm Pak 36 ammo set   Preview    
JKT72049 German WWII Grenade Boxes + Stielhandgr. 24      
JKT72050 German WWII Minen Set      
JKT72051 German WWII Stielhandgranate 24 + Geb. Ladung      
JKT72052Pz.Kpfw.V Ausf.H zimmeritfor Revell kit   
JKT72053Pz.Kpfw.V Ausf.H schurzen zimmeritfor Revell kit   
JKT 72054Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind zimmeritfor MACO/Revell kits   
JKT 72055Pz.Kpfw.IV & Jagdpanzer IV late exhaust    

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
JKT72043 German WWII Flak 20mm/3.7cm decal set      

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Kit list last updated: 20 November 2020